5 Smart Ways to Start Playing Online Poker

5 Smart Ways to Start Playing Online Poker

With the Corona Pandemic, India saw a huge rise in interest towards online poker. Many of those had some experience with playing poker in general, however, very few were adept at playing this online. Playing online poker can be difficult sometimes, even for those who have won some in LIVE games. There are ways to “up your game” and become a consistent winner in online games. Here are some tips and tricks, coming straight from our experts at My Poker 52:


Some of you might be used to play high-stakes games, so starting with lower-stakes might seem strange. If you are new to online poker, then it is even more important for you to get used to the nuances of playing online poker.

Start with the low-stakes and slowly progress your way up to higher-stakes. You can also start on the Freeroll tables at MyPoker52 app if you are new to poker altogether.


New table pattern, new players, new ways to bet/raise, new buttons, new sounds, new notifications – there are a lot of things that different poker platforms offer. After going through many a platforms and understanding the ease of settings, we have set the betting features, the cashier page, rake-back offers and depositing bonuses just the way a player would like.

Whether you are a new poker player or just new to the online poker setting, our MyPoker52 app is designed to help you get used to the online poker game within a few sessions.


When you play an online poker game, you are not required to keep sitting at the same spot like in a physical game, so many new online players fall into the trap of finding ways to kill time in between hands. This could be anything from talking on the phone, to watching a movie along with playing on the table or simply switching windows.

In most cases, this is a major distraction that may cause you to make a mistake. You may end up playing poorly because you missed out on some information that may have been important. Create a distraction-free zone for yourself and see your stack rise.



One of the core advantages of online poker is that you can play at multiple tables at the same time. This gives rise to many temptations to jump right into multi-tabling. Learn to win consistently at a single table and build your confidence before you start increasing the number of tables you are active at.

Once you are comfortably confident and in your “zone”, then this would be one of those things to do to fill the time between hands, rather than giving in to a distraction.



From the amount of time a player takes to place a bet, the kind of raise they do, the raises they fold against – just like you would be on the lookout for physical tells a person may have on a LIVE table, there are ways a keen eye can pick up details.

With the NOTES feature of our MyPoker52 app, you can note down these E-Tells and make sure you are playing at the top of your game.

Losing may be hard, but winning can be quite tough as well. At times you may snatch victory from right under someone’s nose and at other times, you may be the one who was left with no chips. One of the most important thing that Poker teaches is that you should always be gracious – whether you win or you lose. It goes a long way towards building your overall poker game and can tend to be a strong character building behavior too!

Download our MyPoker52 app, reach out to us in case you have any queries about upcoming games and let us know how we can help you improve your game!!

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