A Beginner at Poker?

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Let’s start with the basics. There are 52 cards in a deck with 4 suits (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades) having 13 cards each. From Ace, King, Queen… to the lowest 2. (Note: All suite are hold the same weightage in value, unlike Rummy where one suit is of higher value than another).


To start with a player is dealt 2(two) hole cards. After which rounds of betting start.
The person sitting immediate left of the Dealer button is the Small Blind. The one next to that is Big Blind.


Action is defined as one of five decisions a player takes:

1) Call: This is when a player matches any previous highest bet
2) Raise: When a player chooses to Raise above any previous highest bet
3) Check: If a player decides to just pass the action along to the next player
4) Bet: When there is no bet on a round, a player may decide to Bet into the pot
5) Fold: If a player chooses to lay down their card for any reason, they may choose to Fold their hand


Once the cards and blind and dealt, we are ready for the following rounds of action.

1) Pre Flop: After hole cards are dealt, it is followed immediately by first round of betting. The action is started by the person immediately left of Big Blind. This position is also called Under The Gun. The action continues around the table then on.
2) Flop: Once the Preflop action has taken place, three community cards are dealt face up to enable the next round of betting.
3) Turn: Another community card is dealt before a round of betting.
4) River: The last card is dealt, with a final round of betting at which point last player standing is the winner.

How to play poker?

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