Online poker is considered Skill Games under Indian Laws. That means 100% fun, 100% legal, and 100% safe.

Real money poker can be enjoyed easily and safely on our platforms. All the while taking nothing away from it’s skill factor.

However, adhering to the laws of the land, peer to peer transfers are illegal on our platforms. Our systems are designed accordingly to disallow peers to peer transfer. All transactions are between MyPoker52 and your bank.

To ensure transparency, Withdrawals can only be activated once KYC is completed for a player.

We have designed our platform to ensure TDS payments in line with Income Tax Act of India and thus there are no cash dealings. We transfer winnings in accordance with TDS and therefore send directly to your bank account.

If you can vote, you can play poker. We ensure through our KYC process that no person under 18 is allowed on the tables.

Online poker isn’t a game a chance, it is a game of skill. A player has to adopt a lifecycle of learning to better their gameplay and performance on the tables.