Texas Hold’em

We have Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit options and we are covering even the smallest game rules.


Though it’s most often played in Pot Limit option we have Omaha in Limit and No Limit options in case anyone is interested in running such Omaha.

7 Cards Stud

7 cards game in it’s classic version. Though it’s is not as popular as Hold’em or even Omaha, we have built it just in case.


Free entry tournaments where player can win real money prizes if he or she is good enough.

Omaha Hi/Lo

Popural Hi Lo variant of Omaha game. In case there is a low combination ( 5 cards under 8), the pot is splited to Lo and Hi.

Omaha 5 cards

As the name says, the Omaha game with 5 cards where only and exactly 2 are used for the combination

Mix Table

Game where types of poker can be rotated, each round, and the game gets replaced from Hold’em NL to Omaha PL, for example.

Run 2 Times

Run two times on cash games – if two players are all in in a hand and they both have this option enabled the remaining cards will be dealt twice, while each of the board version will be worth half of the pot.

Guaranteed Tournaments

The “House” can guarantee the prize pool and regardless if there is less players than expected, the prize pool is guaranteed.

Rebuy Tournaments

Variant of tournaments where player can buy another amount of starting chips if they loose their chips within the first hour.

Bounty Tournaments

Tournaments that award bounty bonus per each player you kick out. Even if you don’t finish in the money, you can still earn from the players you eliminated

Progressive Bounty Option

A version of the Bounty Tournaments, where with every player you eliminate, your own bounty gets increased.

Freeroll Rebuy

Freeroll variant when the first entry is free but players can rebuy during rebuy period

Poker Table Features

Customisable Sounds

Player can select which types of sound notifications he want to hear.

Customisable Table Design

Players can choose to view tabke in racetrack or oval perspective, choose from multiple designs of table, background, front and back sides of the deck.

Hand Replayer

View a hand you played hand in a video hand replayer, play, stop, rew or fwd at any point of the hand.

Hand History

See transcripts of the last few hands played on your table, along with the micro icons helping you quickly see what happened in the hand

Player Chat

Chat with other players during the hand, but not during an All In situation.

Prefered Seat

Player can pick his prefered seat and regardles of where he sits, he will always see the table from chosen perspective

Multi Table Play

Players can play 10+ tables or tournaments at the same time on Windows App, and 4-6 on Instant Play or Android App.

Time Bank

Time Bank that you can use once you run out of your regular time or once you disconnect, It grows while you play, up to 15 seconds.

Auto Reload chips

Auto reload chips on a ring table, whenever your stack falls under X amount.

Smart Add Chips

Option to add chips on a ring table only when you are not engaged in the hand ( when you don’t have cards )

Auto Rebuy/Addon

Option to automatically rebuy on tournaments or to automatically buy addon when it comes to that

Show/Muck Cards

You can decide whether to show or muck a winning hand, in case you won without showdown, or to auto-muck.

Run 2 Times table only

Despite the global settings of your Run 2 Times option, you can select it per table to on/off.

All-in Confirmation

Option to have additional step in confirming the All-in move, in case you are afraid you might hit it accidentaly.

Player Notes

You can write notes about an opponent so that you can remind yourself about something specific you noticed about that player.

Hand Strength Info

Players can see their current hand strenght. It is usefull for multi tabling, as you can quickly scan you hand strenght on a table.

Auto-Tile Tables

This option is used only on Windows PC application as Instant Play and Android versions are presenting only one table at the time.